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Wow last week

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AllWays Car Rental - Economy Car Hire

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Hey Everyone it is me again sorry for not posting so much Ihave been really busy at work. The rent a car in Miami Florida is still on my mind it is all that I can think about. I enjoyed cruising up and down the streets of Miami in that car. The rest of my life has seemed less important. I have just been chillin in Miami with my family I have not been doing much becasue of all of this.  The weather has been great in Miami and I have been just relaxing with my friends.  So I will let the rest of the world know when something else exciting is happening in my life but as for today just the same relaxing.

I need some ideas of where to go on my next vacation.

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Hair blown in Miami

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My followers I am so thrilled to share to all of my friends today. Remember when I told you yesterday that my best friend had a gift for my group of friends today It was dreamy. He planed something so astonishing it is crazy. He organized a rental car but not just a regular motor vehicle a 2011 BMW Z4 Roadster Convertible. I have never steered in a top less car before. Cruising up and down the seashore in a topless car is fantastic. Feeling the wind in your bangs and just enjoying every second of it is fantastic. I did not think that it was going to be that so much fun when I first sat into the motorcar but once he revved the engine i was ready. The beach was a great deal of amusement  but going to the strip in a BMW convertible women were all over me and my friends. Renting this car was a fantastic idea and I think that  we are going to have to do that once again one time soon.

So tomorrow is going to challenging to top yesterday but I think that I am going to have a meal with a friend tomorrow night we will most likely go some where expensive. Besides all of that I will just relax and take it simple get prompt for the busy work week. I am non crazy for the work week I will have a great deal of work to do.

Miami is My home

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Hiya awesome evening fanatics expect everybody is doing well. Only to let you all know you that this morning was mythical I had fun in Miami, Florida, I had a trifle to great to fuddle, but I had fun with my somebody. Soon after I got home I watched the Giant Bang theory it was mythological, as always. While I was one tipsy I was convinced that I am a special human being to live in Miami, Florida. My somebody & I ended abreast the beach last night and we ended up on the beach. I struggling to guess living in a metropolitan that has no single beach there is a lot more to try and do on the beach. On the beach you’re able party, workout, unwind, share data, hang with the dames, for the day or night., The beach is a wonder region. The bulk citizenries in the world never have the chance to experience next to the beach and see what it is all about and for that reason I felt so special. I would say last week was a very flourishing evening time.

I am boastful for tomorrow though because one of my best a colleague are planning an epic night time, and this guy is not permitted to tell anyone what the design.

My First Blog- Be prepared

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Hello all of the world my name is Katie and I plan on contributing to the world finally. This is my first blog and I want to learn about the online world and I think that having a blog is part of it you can learn and share from others which makes it really easy to learn and spread knowledge over the internet. I am excited to learn and share with my followers and I am ready to get my socks knocked off of what I will learn and experience  so i am ready to learn and please feel free to post on here anything you want.

Hello world!

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